Hadley Research:

Hadley Research is a website dedicated to showcasing the electronics, hardware, and software projects of George Hadley, as well as blog posts about interesting topics in hardware, software, engineering, and so on. For more info, check out some of the projects or begin browsing the blog. Cheers.

NOTE: Views and opinions expressed on this website are the sole property of the author, and in no way correspond to views of opinions of any of the author’s employers (current or previous).


George Hadley:

George Hadley is the founder of Hadley Research, as well as the primary author of content on the site. George caught the engineering bug at an early age, building legos, robots, and other contraptions during his childhood years. At 18, he left home to pursue an electrical engineering degree at Purdue University. While there, he cultivated his electronics passion full time, learning how to program microcontrollers outside of class and building projects such as a color changing lightsaber and a business card POV device. In 2009, together with close friend and co-founder Ben Laskowski, George founded and developed the site and startup company NBitWonder (the site ran for 3 years, before eventually closing in 2012). In 2012, George graduated Purdue with bachelors and masters degrees in Electrical Engineering. Following college, George took a full-time position with Raytheon Network-Centric Systems (NCS) in Fort Wayne, Indiana, working as an FPGA developer. In the fall of 2013, George left Fort Wayne, returning to his alma mater as a Lab Coordinator and course developer. Currently, George is responsible for lab development and maintenance of a number of labs in the Purdue ECE undergraduate curriculum, including ECE306 (Signals and Systems Laboratory), ECE308 (Control Systems Laboratory), ECE440 (Transmission of Information Lab), and ECE477 (Digital Systems Senior Design).

Consulting and Contract Work:

This site is currently a freetime labor of love, and the author is available, time-permitting for conversations, emails, and the like. For more involved custom projects and engineering work, and similar work requests, contract work and consultations may be possible. Contact George for additional information.