Electronics Humor 2 (April Fools Day 2017)

One of the early Hadley Research posts was a collection of ECE and hobbyist electronics wordplay for April Fools Day last year. All of the puns in that list were formulated over the course of the week prior to posting. That was fun, let’s do it again 🙂

Happy April Fools Day everyone!

  1. I tried strapping a linux SBC to my quadcopter, but that was a Pi-in-the-Sky idea.
  2. Q: What does a lidar do when it gets angry?
    A: It SLAMs the door.
  3. Q: Why did the microprocessor get a job as a dishwasher?
    A: It was strapped for cache
  4. When the author of Harry Potter changes her mind, it’s called a JK flip-flop
  5. Q: Why didn’t the infinite attenuator get a job?
    A: There was nothing to gain
  6. Q: Why couldn’t the BGA use an ATM?
    A: It didn’t have a pin
  7. Q: What happened to the AND gate that committed treason?
    A: It was XORcuted
  8. GIE = 0. For when your firmware has to run, no exceptions.
  9. I tried to tell a lighthearted joke about step functions, but it ended up on the Heaviside.
  10. Q: Why didn’t the rogue signal escape the faraday cage?
    A: It was surrounded by coppers.
  11. Q: What chip repairs a broken stream crossing?
    A: A bridge rectifier
  12. Q: Why did the audio engineering students all get 1.0’s?
    A: They were using class D amplifiers
  13. DiracTV – the one stop shop for impulse buys
  14. Q: Who handles the Linux military in times of crisis?
    A:  Colonel Panic
  15. Q: What’s the best chip for hunting season?
    A: A buck regulator
  16. Botched Kickstarters: opening the gates to Sillycon Valley
  17. The tragedy of the semiconductor Titanic: spilled its cargo into IC waters, and the captain went down with the chip.
  18. Q: How did the distributed sensor network deal with the noise temper tantrum?
    A: By Kalman down
  19. Q: Why did the ideal capacitor contract tapeworms?
    A: It had no parasitic resistance
  20. Q: Where do QFNs go after work?
    A: Their under chip pads
  21. I tried to run benchmarks on a GPU, but it was a total FLOP
  22. Ran a square wave through a high-bandwidth RC filter; it wasn’t a good sine
  23. Q: Why don’t bare Arduinos make good knights?
    A: They have no shields
  24. Q: What do electricians say to motivate each other?
    A: “You conduit”
  25. Q: Where do registers go with their dates?
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