Electronics Humor (April Fools Day 2016)

All credit to imgur for this one :-)

Happy April Fools Day, everyone! Have some electronics humor:

  1. Sample microcontrollers with care; you don’t want to be taking unnecessary RISCs.
  2. The commercials at the beginning of the hobbyist versions of Eagle CAD are value ads.
  3. Try not to twist your ankle and fall on a Cortex, it could cost you an ARM and a leg.
  4. Shorting adjacent pins on your QFP is a bridge over troubled solder.
  5. How to be a Microchip fanboy: “PICs or it didn’t happen”.
  6. Government firmware backdoors: the other kind of SPI bus.
  7. ‘The Little Engine that Could’ probably had a CAN bus in it.
  8. Mouser: the best place to find CAT cable.
  9. Regular contributors to Hackaday’s project site are io-penners.
  10. What happens inside coilguns is anybody’s Gauss.
  11. I shared a clock between devices but it gave me a syncing feeling.
  12. Knowledge and experience: the difference between Debian Linux and Plebian Linux.
  13. No digital resume is complete without OpenCV.
  14. George R.R. Martin burned his debugging tool; it was a song of ICE and fire.
  15. Cubesat hard drives should use SATA-lite communications.
  16. Solid core or no, a lone wire is always stranded.
  17. Q: What do you call photovoltaics at night?
    A: Sleeper cells.
  18. Tossing a heat-treated capacitor is one way to throw a tempered tant’lum.
  19. Electro-lite™ – the capacitor dielectric with fewer calories
  20. Applying external stimulus to a control system where ζ = 1: damped if you do, damped if you don’t.
  21. If your component tubes or reels won’t sit still, it’s because you’re using anti-static packaging.
  22. Q: What is the leading cause of divorce on printed circuit boards?
    A: De-coupling capacitors.
  23. Q: What do pernicious toddlers and logic level enforcers have in common?
    A: They’re both pullup resistors.
  24. What you call incomplete electrical circuits is an open question.
  25. Q: Why can’t QFNs solve murder mysteries?
    A: They don’t have any leads.

Share your electronics humor in the comments below!

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  1. I suppose the figure above could also be subtitled: “For oohm the volt tolls…”

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