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The “Free Devboard” Trap

Introduction: Of the various sites the electronics hobbyist should consider for their RSS reader, Hackaday is decidedly one of them. Last month, they announced the arrival of Microchip’s MPLAB Express Board and IDE. It’s a simple little board centered around … Continue reading

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Useful Web Resources for Embedded Hardware

Introduction: I’ve had the opportunity to design and build a number of different circuit boards and embedded designs. The hardware design-build process involves many steps, including parts selection, acquisition, PCB design, ordering, and assembly. Every once in awhile a useful … Continue reading

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devttys0 and the Analog Zoo

Oscillators are a critical piece of many electronic circuits, producing clean periodic clock signals to drive microcontrollers, as timing references in analog and RF circuits, and elsewhere. As ubiquitous as they are, however, they remain a niche topic, with minimal … Continue reading

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