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As mentioned in the site’s inaugural post, I previously pursued electronics as a hobby. Back in 2009, I started NBitWonder, a DIY electronics website and blog, with a close friend. It ran for a few years until being shut down in 2012. Over the course of its life, it enjoyed some success, including mentions on a number of popular electronics websites such as Hackaday, Make, Adafruit, and Dangerous Prototypes. Although the site was brought to an end, a backup copy of the source materials was retained, and after receiving the blessing of my fellow co-founder, I have made the content from the NBitWonder blog available once again, here.

The Future of NBitWonder

NBitWonder has taken one foot out of the grave, but while it’s material is once again available for viewing by the internet public at large, no support efforts are planned for NBitWonder at this time. Any of my old projects of interest will be transferred over to Hadley Research as appropriate, and support may continue for them here. The transition process for NBitWonder was considerably less clean than I hoped, and much from the old site, including WordPress categories and the site’s theme remains broken at the time of this writing. Blog comments, forums, etc. related to NBitWonder have been deactivated, and I do not intend to respond to queries related to NBitWonder outside of a select few posts. In summary, it’s good to be back, enjoy the content, and to any former fans of NBitWonder, it is my hope that you will be enjoy the content being developed here at Hadley Research.

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